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Painting Challenge 7

At the start of the Challenge we started looking at painting as a process about making marks and gestures, and we determined that as a starting point we would use the idea of an opening or aperture to get us going. We then incorporated collage techniques into our work, and we latterly used complementary colours, and abstracted objects to develop our ideas.

Over the 4 weeks we discussed how to evaluate our progress in terms of shape, tone, line, composition etc., and we evaluated the role of chance in our work. All of this was set against, and inspired by the work of painters including Hodgkin, Hoyland, Ayres, and Rae. However, a key element in our working processes was about critically recognising forms within our work that were successful - then creating alternative studies by changing their colour or tone. We then critiqued our progress setting one study against another.

It was a difficult but rewarding challenge. I was delighted with the work produced in terms of the range of approaches to the set task.

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