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Kitchen Sink Group

I have added a sensitively painted picture ‘Mother bathing Child’ by Jack Smith.

The picture captures a real feeling of post war austerity primarily through the tonal use of colour and the heavy linear structure to the work. The composition works well as we pass through the kitchen towards the mother and child.

The second painting is by Derrick Greaves and is titled ‘Sheffield.’

Again the colour palette is limited and as such it is very similar to the previous picture and it was also painted in 1953.

I’ve also added this link to a recent Derrick Greaves exhibition - he must be aged in his early 90’s and he’s still painting.

Here is a link to further information about the Kitchen Sink Group.

Given that our current painting theme is ‘Windowsill’ this week I came across a photo of a painting that I sold in the 1980’s that might be of interest.


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