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Painting Challenge 2

To, The Painting Challenge Group I was very impressed by the work produced yesterday both in our session and from our previous class. The diverse approaches by members of the group, to the set up was also pleasing. The artists we have discussed over the last three weeks have provided a framework for our thinking, from Velazquez and Cotán to Milroy, Uglow, Abts, and Diebenkorn. We have explored different approaches to painting that have proved an inspiration. Our journey should be seen as progressive, and those artists and their propositions will continue to inform our thinking. We also discussed the work of William Bowyer whose painting was on Antiques Roadshow last Sunday, together with the mannequin used in the painting. Both were valued - the painting for £4 - 6K and the mannequin for £8 - 15k! The reason for the high price of the latter was given as its French provenance, and that it was used by Ruskin Spear. It was also intimated that given its age and value when made - it could have been used by other French painters. Our general view was that we enjoyed looking at the painting - the light is great and it really captures the atmosphere of interior light set against an exterior gloomy evening darkness. I have looked at it again and wonder if the figure holding the Bowyer’s daughter is successful given that we know the model was the mannequin - what do you think? Would I be asking the question if I didn’t know that fact? We now move on to Painting Challenge 3 which commences on our return after our break on Monday 6th November. Have a good week - best wishes. Joe

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