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Figure Drawing

I enjoyed Monday’s Drawing session enormously - the way we are trying to depict the figure demands serious concentration and a battle to see our drawings through many stages of development.

We chatted about artists from the Red Rag Gallery which is well worth a look including David Cobley. I mentioned that he had painted Ken Dodd and I attach this portrait which is in the National Portrait Gallery. Coincidentally it’s Ken Dodd’s 90th birthday today. I also attach a life painting by Cobley that includes strong lighting that delineates the form.

We have one more Life Drawing session next week before we revert to Portrait Drawing and painting for the following four weeks.

Our Christmas Exhibition opens on Friday 8th December 6 - 8 pm - with mince pies and mulled wine - there should be enough room for each one of us to show at least one drawing or painting - I will provide further details soon.

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