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Painting Challenge 7 - painting processes

On Monday we began Painting Challenge 7 looking at painting as a process in itself to generate images and progress studies. I really enjoyed the session and the work that was produced was great. We worked tonally with marks and gestures bearing in mind that the project title was ‘openings.’ We looked at the paintings of Howard Hodgkin and John Hoyland to contextualise our thoughts.

Given that working in a gestural and expressive manner can produce work very quickly it was important to recognise the value of group and self criticism of what we had made. We analysed formal painting concerns to inform our critique, they were: shape and pattern; form; space; composition; and tone.

Next week we will try to be even more specific in terms of how we apply those formal concerns to identify progress in our work. It is important to remember that studies we deem failures are just as important in our journey as those we term successes. We will also introduce colour and use the the work of Gillian Ayres to help us with our use of colour.

John Hoyland

I have attached a print that I like very much by John Hoyland, and here is the link to the video of him painting.

The connection puzzle for this week is: Max Ernst - Mexico City - Mary Bracegirdle

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