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Christmas Theme

I hope that you have been able to work on our 20 x 20 x 20 Christmas Card theme. The subject matter can be anything that you would deem suitable - also don’t forget drawings. For example every year I receive a Christmas Card from Mike Knowles an artist and teacher based in Anglesey and he always sends a lovely printed drawing of a landscape often including an isolated tree - 

or an animal from his small holding - bird, dog, chicken etc. I have added this link to imagery for square cards. The attached image is from this website by June Campion.

I have also attached a link to an article about a Winston Churchill painting that is shortly to be auctioned -

For sale: leader’s painting of beloved breakfast whisky 

I was surprised to learn that one of his works ‘Goldfish Pool at Chartwell’ sold for £1.7m. See attached It looks like a lovely painting!

What do you think of the Maggie Hambling statue which is a tribute to   Mary Wollstonecraft? Here is a link to an article about it.


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