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Cold Wax

I have been looking at cold wax painting stimulated by artists using this media in the lovely exhibition at the Lake Gallery West Kirby. 

It is a great painting technique that we will be using for our next project  in all our groups when we return after our half term break on Monday 30th November. It differs from encaustic painting in that cold wax is already malleable unlike encaustic painting where the wax is hard needing heat to make it workable. We will mix oil paint into the cold wax to make our paintings. 

The Still life group will be working from an appropriate set up. The Painting Challenge and Painting Techniques and Ideas groups will need to bring a photo to the session to start your painting. Don’t worry if you don’t have time to do this as I have a still life or images available for you to work from. Here is a link to a site that details the painting process:

I have added a couple of paintings by the American artist Randall Graham who uses this media as well as a link to a very interesting web site about his work and working methods. 


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