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Norman Blamey

Hi Everyone, as you may have noticed I have included artwork from my ex tutors at the Royal Academy Schools within my most recent paintings Willi Soukop, Roderic Barrett and I thought you might be interested in the work of Norman Blamey. He was an excellent tutor within the life room. I remember him sitting next to me while I was drawing from the figure, and he made a drawing for me from the same position  I realised immediately that he was looking much harder at the figure than I was - specifically at how the how the shoulders and torso were articulated. So I determined that I would look much harder at the figure and gain a better understanding of anatomy.

I have attached one of his paintings that reminds me of Lucien Freud’s picture of the Walker Art Gallery ‘Interior at Paddington’ it’s called ‘Double Tetrahedron’  

I really like the composition and the way the figure is offset to the right hand side of the composition. I can see that his work is influenced by Flemish painting and the work of Stanley Spencer. I attach a painting where both influences are manifest which is in the collection of the Tate - ‘My wife and son’ painted in 1959. There is more information about the artist and this painting via this link from Tate.


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