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Road Theme

Hi Everyone, I attach a picture by  David Hockney about our ‘road’ theme.

For any of you with the requisite millions ‘the Phillips auction house has unveiled plans to auction a $35 million David Hockney landscape this winter. Nichols Canyon (1980) will be auctioned within the 20th century and contemporary art evening sale in New York on December 7. The work was on view at Phillips in London from October 26–November 1, and will then make appearances in Hong Kong and New York.

Hockney made the seven-by-five-foot canvas following his move to Los Angeles in 1978. The present work is one of two monumental works Hockney executed in the 1970s. The counterpart, a horizontal landscape painted from memory Mulholland Drive: The Road to the Studio, is held by the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. Like Nichols Canyon, that work depicts a scene glimpsed along his drive from Hollywood Hills to his Santa Monica Boulevard studio. Made in a style influenced by Fauvism and Cubism, the present canvas is divided down the middle by a thick black line. The present work showcases the artist’s preoccupation with representing movement and the passage of time.’ It will be fascinating to see what price the painting realises! Our next theme is a study for a ‘ Christmas card.’ It can be either traditional or non traditional imagery. If you make the work 20cm x 20cm it’s a good scale to work on, for it then to be reduced for a card. We can exhibit the works or a print of your artwork at the Art Centre in December - if we price them all at £20 - we good give all proceeds to Charity. Additionally we can put up our Christmas exhibition at the Art Centre from late November early December I’ll send out more details next week.


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