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"The Road"

I attach two paintings related to our theme ‘the road.’ The first painting is by Claude Monet -Path under the rose trellises Giverny 1920 - 22

The second painting is by Gustav Klimt - Avenue of Schloss Kammer Park 1912.

Again it is a wonderfully atmospheric work but it has been painted slightly differently the drawing in the painting, on which the whole architecture of the picture hangs,  is clearly evident and again in an abstract sense it can be seen to map the composition across the rectangle . If you ignore the perspective of the road in the foreground and just look at the top part of the painting it is quite flat and the space very shallow.

I`ve found it quite difficult to source the actual Monet original on the internet as there are so many sites offering ‘original’ copies of the painting! I suppose it is to be expected of his work - he is so popular.

I’m always intrigued by the values apportioned to artworks when realised at auction particularly the prices paid for an art work that was purchased previously at a significantly lower price. The reasons for the  incremental increases can be very difficult to ascertain - unless of course they are no longer with us.  Have a look at the attached article about a Banksy artwork. He is a artist that I much admire.

’Banksy buyers laugh all the way to bank’


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